Matchmaking My Friends

Where are the guys to match with my amazing friends? I have some beautiful, talented, creative women friends and they are still single. What’s the deal?

Looking for a low-key old-fashioned way to meet women with a modern social networking twist? I am combining matchmaking and online social networking to try to find matches for my friends.

The IDEA: In dating, friends of friends is the real pay-dirt, the real opportunity to meet new people. You already know your friends but your friends’ friends share many of your interests, are already vetted by your friends and are NEW to you. So I am spreading the word on Facebook to find potential matches for my friends.

The Party: An afternoon garden party for my single friend and available men to meet. No pressure to click with a certain person, just the knowledge that everyone there is looking.

Who are my friends?
Creative, SMART, sexy, in their thirties and early forties with oodles of interesting ideas and a strong streak of adventurousness. Artist, activists, entrepreneurs. All have passions outside of work and like to travel.

Who am I? A friendly, artistic writer with a lot of great friends who are still single. Graduate degree in creative writing, teach ESL, write novels—your average overeducated, underpaid artistic East Coast native SF type. I am happily coupled with a three-year-old son.

Why aren’t they coupled? Who knows, karma, SF independence, fate, their absolute uniqueness (they are waitng for you?!)

What I am looking for? Smart, interesting, independent single men in their 30s and 40’s to come to a fun party and see if any sparks fly.

If you are a single man and interested or you know a guy who could be great for my friends, write me at with a brief description and I can share the party info.

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